Prepping for IVF: A Sneak Peak at The IVF Journal

by Stephanie Fry

Today a sneak peak at some of my favorite parts of The IVF Journal in regards to prepping for IVF. Which is a must do for a smooth cycle.

Don’t Plan, Prepare. Because there are so many variables in IVF, you simply will not be able to plan the exact timing, outcome, or experience of an IVF cycle—but you should always be prepared for one. The old adage of “hope for the best, plan for the worst, and expect the unexpected” will come in handy here. Your journey will be easier if you get comfortable with the fact that you can’t control what is going to happen during the cycle, as it is impossible to have everything figured out ahead of time. What you can control is how you prepare for a cycle. Arming yourself with facts, information, systems, options, and ideas before you get started allows you to better cope with any and all eventualities. 

Do What Feels Right. As you go through IVF treatment you are likely to come across loads of different types of tips, advice, and complementary therapy options. As you encounter and consider these things, always remember that while there are plenty of experts out there, there is only one expert on you. Make sure you listen to your heart and your body throughout the entire process. Whether it is a new diet, a new mind- body technique, advice on how much you should exercise, or what vitamins to take, if something you are doing doesn’t feel right, honor that feeling. Know that while it may have worked great for someone else, that doesn’t mean it is right for you.

Schedule Time for Change and Be Ready to Wait. IVF cycles tend to follow a basic timeline, but even these steps are unpredictable by nature— each step of the cycle hinges on the next, so one change can have a ripple effect that plays havoc on your emotions and on your schedule. It helps to get into a flexible mindset before you begin. Have a few backup plans in place: If you think you will need short notice coverage at work or at home, have several options open to you, and be ready to alter your plans if need be. Never forget that IVF cycles involve lots of waiting! You’ll wait for the cycle to start; you’ll wait for appointments, instructions, test results, procedural results; and of course, you’ll wait for the big news. In fact, you wait so much there is an entire chapter in this book dedicated to just that!

These are just a few of the IVF prepping tips and tools you will find in The IVF Journal. Stay tuned for more!

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