I’m Spilling the Beans

by Stephanie Fry

Been wondering what this book is actually about? With three days until the actual release – I absolutely have to spill some beans! If you know me well you are probably already amazed that I haven’t blogged the actual book. Not so good at holding things in, this girl.

I’m pretty sure I can’t actually release the Table of Contents so I am contenting myself with sharing some pieces of the books Section Overview. And if I’m not supposed to do this either – I’m pleading ignorance. This is my proof.

Here goes!

“The IVF Journal consists of seven sections, most with multiple chapters. Each chapter includes instructions on how to use the calendars, charts, logs, and worksheets contained in that chapter…

SECTION I: IVF BASICS This introductory section covers basic information about IVF treatment and how best to prepare for it. It includes the medical phases of a cycle and possible risks (including cycle cancelation and outcomes) as well as a basic overview of some of the general causes of infertility.

SECTION II: CLINICS AND MEDICAL PROVIDERS This section covers IVF clinics, physicians, pharmacies, and other medical providers. It will be your go-to resource for names, phone numbers, emails, addresses, and provider policies.

SECTION III: FINANCES This section covers every financial aspect of your cycle—cycle pricing, payment, and financing options, as well as expense tracking, insurance, and taxes.

SECTION IV: IVF CYCLE This section covers the actual IVF cycle process, including schedules and timing, medications, egg retrieval, embryo growth, and transfer.

SECTION V: WAIT AND RESULTS This section helps you to plan for—and survive—the end of the long road that is IVF: the two-week wait and the results.

SECTION VI: SUPPORT FOR MIND AND BODY This section will help you support yourself emotionally and physically during your IVF treatment by creating your own personal support network. It also helps you navigate complementary therapies and manage your emotions by practicing self-awareness.

SECTION VII: MULTIPLE CYCLES The IVF Journal is designed to cover one cycle; but, because many patients cycle more than once, this section is dedicated to multiple cycles, offering strategies and advice for longer term treatment and allowing for comparison of up to four IVF cycles, side by side. It also covers frozen embryo transfers (FETs).” –The IVF Journal, Chapter One, How to Use The IVF Journal


So there you have it. Still want to know more?

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