It’s Today! The IVF Journal is official!

by Stephanie Fry

The IVF Journal is being officially published today and I am feeling incredibly nostalgic. And grateful. And a bit overwhelmed.

To say this is a milestone moment for me is definitely an understatement! I am finding it very difficult to properly convey my emotions and thoughts on a computer screen.

Where to start?

At the beginning I guess. With a yellow legal pad.

Yes, this journey, this ride, this evolution – all started with a yellow legal pad.

I LOVE yellow legal pads but IVF is complicated so when my yellow legal pad wasn’t cutting it anymore I moved my IVF record keeping to an excel spreadsheet. And then, when there were too many spreadsheets to manage on screen, I printed them and put them into a three ring binder.

Then I really got into it. I added sections, tabs and graphics and eventually ended up with my very own IVF Trapper Keeper. Which was, in a word, awesome.

(In case you don’t know what a Trapper Keeper is here you go. Clearly mine did not have an awesome Lisa Frank-esque bubbling heart rainbow on it. It was white. Not very photo worthy. I wasn’t really advertising my infertile status at the time.)

trapper keeper

I showed my IVF binder it to a friend who was cycling and she wanted one. So I made her a copy of all my spread sheets. And then I made another. And another. And since my constant treatment had rendered me mostly jobless and definitely aimless – I really got into it.

I tested and experimented with charts, logs and graphs. And when I was satisfied I asked a bunch of women in my support group to do the same. I wrote content and made suggestions for coping and surviving IVF. My suggestions and ideas were always open ended and customizable because I knew that the women testing the book, while all doing IVF like me, had unique and specific situations.

And then my husband drew this.


And my brother-in-law made these.

IVF Companion By Stephanie Fry ©2009

And many women ended up with this.

IVF Companion By Stephanie Fry ©2009

Now, unfortunately this wasn’t sustainable or practical. Gorgeous yes, but way too bulky for everyday use and WAY to pricey to produce – IVF is expensive enough!

So now, thanks to the amazing people at Hatherleigh Press and Random House we have this.

The IVF Journal Front Cover

The IVF Journal. An 8×10 paperback, it is light and small enough to throw in your bag but large enough that you can actually write in it without your fingers cramping up after a second. It is beautifully designed and laid out but absolutely affordable, even when you are paying for IVF.

I am so happy with it!

I am so grateful.

To every one who helped, supported, encouraged, participated and walked with me on this crazy, emotional, uplifting and life changing ride, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and awe this morning that I am at a loss for words. And for me, that is saying something!

So its simple I guess. Like a yellow legal pad.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!