Symptom Spotting

by Stephanie Fry

So I borrowed the title Symptom Spotting from one of my TTC ladies on twitter. Not sure if she is in or out about her infertility so I’ll hold off on giving credit publically for now. But thank you Mrs. You Know Who You Are, great term – so true!

Symptom spotting is a real and often nerve wracking game that most, if not all, IVF patients play during the two week wait. And when I say game, I definitely don’t mean it’s always fun!

Here are some of my thoughts in The IVF Journal about the newly coined game of Symptom Spotting…

“For instance, during the Two-Week Wait you may find that you can’t stop obsessing over possible pregnancy symptoms. This can be very frustrating because at any given minute your symptoms—or lack thereof—can cause you to fluctuate between feeling positive that the cycle has worked and being sure that it hasn’t. These ups and downs are as common as the vast range of physical and emotional symptoms you may feel during this time.

…Mysterious twinges, cramps, sore breasts, food cravings, strange dreams, crankiness, and extreme exhaustion are just a few of the symptoms that might make your list, but no matter what your observances, just keep in mind that symptoms are not always representative of an actual result. Medications, elevated hormone levels, and procedural side effects along with the stress of an IVF cycle can mimic pregnancy and period symptoms, which—to make things even more confusing—are often the same. Furthermore, some women experience early pregnancy symptoms but many do not. The reality is that there is no way to tell if you are pregnant based solely on symptoms…

So if you are in the Two Week Wait and constantly questioning your symptoms (or your sanity!) know that you are not alone.  We all do it which is why The book goes on to offer ways (and yes more worksheets!) that help positively handle those pesky, yet completely understandable Symptom Spotting tendencies.

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