“Hey honey, did I give you all your shots today?”

by Stephanie Fry

I’ve been following Candace and Chris for some time. They have been through the infertility wringer and back again and through it all they have written a story that is uniquely their own. That is perhaps my favorite thing about them. Their blog, Our Misconception, is a his and hers take on what they have been through (including IVF and Surrogacy) and it is real, funny and inspiring. A tough combo to pull off well.

This week I am letting them do the posting for me. So definitely check out their latest post (intro and link below) which is a review of The IVF journal but also make sure to read a bit about their story – I promise you will be entertained and enlightened. And you may even win a copy of The IVF Journal!

From Candace and Chris’s Blog…”Let me know if you have asked this question before: “Hey honey, did I give you all your shots today?” If you have, chances are, you have gone through the rigors of IVF.  From stimulation to retrieval to implantation to the dreaded 2 week wait, you can easily get overwhelmed with all of the different medications, different time lines, and different things to worry about.  “If only there was a place to keep all of this stuff straight” the nervous couple says after leaving the IVF clinic with a box full of syringes and equally daunting list of instructions.  Well hypothetical couple, your wish is our command …read the whole post at http://ourmisconception.blogspot.com/2014/05/journal-your-journey.html