3 Month Review!

by Stephanie Fry

It has been three months since The IVF Journal was published and I am thrilled to let the reviews (patients and professionals) do the talking for me today. There are more reviews to come but here is a first look at what the readers and reviewers are saying. I’m so grateful and humbled by these and the emails I receive on a regular basis from readers who prefer to stay anonymous.

Two words: Thank you!

“I loved The IVF Journal. It is beautifully and sensitively written by someone who has been there; it is packed with ideas and suggestions on how to reduce stress prior to, during, and after an IVF cycle; and it is a much needed resource to all IVF patients.”
Alice D. Domar, Ph.D, Executive Director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health at Boston IVF, Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Harvard Medical School, and author of Conquering Infertility

“It’s obvious that Stephanie has not only been through the process, but knows all too well what is required to navigate it successfully.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to keep their sanity.  It’s like having your very own intelligent, organized, and compassionate personal assistant through the entire IVF journey!”
Marc Sedaka, Author of What to Expect When Shes Not Expecting

“The IVF Journal was just what I (we) needed. It was a great guide for our IVF cycle- it was helpful detailing what to expect and suggesting diversions that I found helpful. The author did a nice job considering many issues. Thank you.” – Amazon reviewer

“The IVF Journal is a must have for anyone involved in the IVF process! It’s extremely well written, well organized, loving and thoughtful.” – Amazon reviewer

“If you are starting IVF treatment you need this book and if you have a failed cycle or two (like me) under your belt you really need it! It covers everything and the best part is that you can fill in every detail of your cycle as you go. Some of it you do fill out before but even if you already started your cycle you will be happy that you have it. My absolute favorite thing is the multiple cycle section, first time I have seen anything like this anywhere!” – Amazon reviewer

“My IVF Journal just arrived and I can’t wait to start using it for my cycle!! I have already been able to fill in so many details about my schedule, medications and clinic and feel totally ready to get started. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know about my clinic and my treatment. My insurance doesn’t cover IVF so the section on budgeting and tracking expenses is really helpful. Can’t wait to use the Mind and Body section too. It all looks great so far!” – Amazon reviewer

“My husband got me this book as a surprise before our IVF cycle and he even filled out all of the information that he could before he gave such a sweet gesture and I’m so glad that the book gave him a way to be more involved. He can’t go on appointments with me but, now I feel like he really gets its.” – Amazon reviewer

“My daughter has been a surrogate mother (all done IVF) and I told her about this book and we both agreed that it would have been so helpful for her five surrogate pregnancies for eight beautiful children for couples that could not have had children any other way. One of the hardest parts of all her experience was keeping track of everything she had to do to become a surrogate and all the daily little things like medication to keep track of and make sure nothing was forgotten. This book is a great idea for women using IVF to get pregnant.” – Good Reads Review


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