About the Book

The IVF Journal is unique.

It is not a memoir or a how-to. While I wrote and created it to manage my own cycles, it’s not about me or my story. It is a guided workbook, that when completed, is actually about the person reading it. Therefore will be many different things to different readers.

It will be an emotional companion for some, a coping tool for others. For some it will be an organizational solution or day planner, and still for others it will be a treatment manual. I hope for many women it will become a record of their unique journey to motherhood.

At its core, it is a solution. An easy way for patients to manage the complex and emotional process of IVF so they can stay informed, reduce stress, and have a more positive cycling experience no matter what the outcome.

With calendars, charts, logs, and worksheets, The IVF Journal offers tools for every stage of your journey. Whether you are just starting your first IVF cycle or have already undergone multiple cycles it will help you prepare emotionally, physically, financially, and logistically. In addition, it will help you track responses, results, and progress while organizing and storing all your cycle details in one place.
The IVF Journal allows you to:
• Easily log, find, and review often changing information, such as contact details, medication information, hormone levels, testing and procedural instructions, and results
• Prepare for treatment and reduce stress by developing coping tools and creating a support network
• Keep track of important insurance and financial information
• Understand the basics of In Vitro Fertilization treatment
• Track and compare multiple cycles side by side

Write your story.