Deducting IVF…A Can You and A How To

by Stephanie Fry

Today’s post is actually a guest post over at RESOVLE New England and it’s a great one!

The post is a release of Chapter 6 of The IVF Journal, IVF & Taxes: A Guide for US Citizens and it includes two free downloadable worksheets. Yes, FREE! The post and worksheets provide everything you need to,

1. Determine if you qualify to make deductions (not everyone does)

2. If  you do qualify, figure how much you can deduct (if you do qualify, it is a limited amount based on income vs. medical expenses)

So take a look at the post here and remember to check out all the amazing services RNE has to offer people at every stage of their family building journey.


If you are outside of New England or interested in National advocacy issues and National Infertility Awareness Week which is just a few short weeks away, check out RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association, you will be glad you did!